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MOD: A Very Emotional Night

Food for thought, just thought I'd post this here too, as well as in my own journal; it's something to think on...

(Background: I'm a hair stylist; I work at a barber shop that caters mainly to a military client base and is only about 10 minutes away from the base, if that.)

So, tonight I went over to the National Guard base in my area (most of our clients at work come from there tbh) and gave the new recruits their buzz cuts. I later began to refer to it as, "$4 air conditioning!" this continued for the rest of the night. Apparently I missed my calling as a Drill Sgt., or so I was told by the drill sgt in charge, hehe. I won't deny that I"ve got a parade ground voice to put many to shame and was using it tonight because DEAR LAWDY! These guys were KIDS, KIDS I say. It's so hard for me some days to reconcile my job and my political feelings. I support our troops fully, they're just doing their job. I just happen to really dislike their boss, their boss' decisions, and this whole war business. In the heat (literally) of doing about 40-50 heads you don't have the time to think about the whole thing, but on the way home I just broke down in tears realizing that these KIDS, these BOYS could be dead in less than a year's time. It breaks my heart to see this potential going straight down the shitter all over something so STUPID as the Iraq war...

My step-neice is also in now... she goes for her first part of basic training later this week. I saw her earlier tonight and wished her luck. She's only 17, so she still has her senior year to finish, and THEN onto IT training... but it's scary. I looked at her tonight, and while I know she'll be home because of her age and all that, I realized just how many of those kids tonight that I joked with, wished luck, told to be strong may end up on the bad end of an IED or worse... it breaks my heart, like I said, it just breaks my heart to think about it.

I may have been able to wash their hair off of me when I got home tonight, but something tells me those kids will always be in my heart or the back of my mind for a long, long time to come...

*sorry for the poor grammar and spelling... I'm too tired to be a Nazi English teacher tonight *falls over dead in a heap**
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I can see why that would make you emotional. I mean, you actually TALKED to these boys, you probably even got to know them at least a little. Just the thought of what they may have to face would make almost anyone break down.

I completely agree about the war. I full-on support our troops, I just don't support the war. You're a strong woman for being able to go to work every day and look them in the face.
and the ones that are even stronger, are the ones that I know are anti-war, but still do their JOB because they made a commitment. Sometimes it's harder to keep at something you disagree with than to cling to your convictions and quit; I think.