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Welcome to "The Injury"

The Injury
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We're a rating community, but we're different than most. That means we're not going to judge you based on shallow things like your looks or tastes in music alone. Nor are we going to going to put you through impossibly high standards based on how you filled out your application. Just be thoughtful, honest, and unique.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

(Everything in bold or underlined is important!)
1. When you join, check the box to watch the community, and add to friends. Failure to do this will result in automatic denial of membership.
2. Fill out the application thoroughly. You are allowed to skip a few questions, based on how many it says for each section. But you must follow the rules.
3. Fill out the application within a week of joining. Don't wait around for weeks without introducing yourself.
4. Make posts friends only. It helps to make sure no non-members vote or comment.
5. If you want to sway someone who you think unfairly voted on your application, be our guests. Just plase don't pick fights or get offensive. That's definatly not going to change someone's mind, and it'll look bad to others who haven't voted yet.
6. You may reply to any and all votes you wish to, as long as they're considerate. We're not going to kick you out for saying "thank you :)" to a yes vote. That's just stupid.
7. Do not comment on any other forums without applying and getting accepted first.
8. Please put your subject line as either "scabbed", "burned", "bruised", or "cut" (or any other form of injury), so we know you've read the rules.

Member Rules:

When voting:

1. Make the subject like read "YES", "NO", or "SWAY". Don't leave it blank, and don't put a longer subject title than two words. It makes it simpler when counting the votes.
2. Read the whole application. Don't read the first few lines about their favourite bands and then decide. You can't know a person based on three questions, which is why I made the application long and thorough. It makes your vote that much more valuable when you are accuratly judging a person on more than just their looks and tastes in media.
3. Start off with some postive things about the person's application, like what you liked, what you agreed with, and what you think they stated well. Leave the negative comments until the end. It makes rejection easier to handle, and it makes the vote seem more fair if you state both the positive and the negative.
4. Respect each other. If you want to get into a disagreement, make it civilized, and make sure it has a point. But otherwise, treat the other members as you would other people on your friends list.
5. This make come as a shock to you, but some people actually take the internet seriously. The best thing to do in a situation like this not to get into a fight with an applicant. We expect you to be as polite as possible to the person applying, regardless of how annoying or ignorant they came off in their post. No one likes getting their feelings hurt over something someone else said online.
6. Do be strict on people who disobey the rules. If someone fucks up the application, that's no excuse. Our focus is on their intelligence, and one component to intelligence in our Western society is literacy and the ability to follow instructions. So just because they have pretty pics and a good list of movies, doesn't mean you have to vote yes if their opinions are only one sentence long.

When posting:

1. You may make your post about whatever topic you choose, as long as it is relevant to the community. And please keep things PG-13. Don't over-do it on the angst, and please don't go into details about your boyfriend/girlfriend in bed.
2. Make forums and discussions. It can be a wide-variety of things, as long as it is something that most people have an opinion on. Don't forget to comment on other forums as well. The more variety of opinions, the better.
3. Participate in the scavenger hunts. They give you an excuse to avoid those math assignments.
4. Promotions to other communities and graphic journals is permitted BY STAMPED MEMBERS ONLY. Promotions should be placed behind a cut. All non-member promotions will be deleted and the poster will be banned.

Points List:

Get points:
+ Promoting: 25 points per link
+ Referring: 50 points each
+ Making banners: 25 points per banner
+ Scavenger Hunts: 50 points each
+ Weekly activities: 25 points each
+ Movie reviews: 20 points each

Spend points:
- Auto accept/reject: 250 points
- Vote counted as two: 100 points
- VIP Member: 700 points, automatic

The points will be used to gauge how active a given member is in the community.

The Injuries We Give:


You're banned if you do one of these things:
1. Delete your application (before or after being accepted/rejected)
2. Harass one of the applicants or members after being warned
3. Make any kind of prejudice remark towards any race, sexuality, etc.
4. Post on other forums before being accepted
5. Leave the community without notifying the mods
6. Do anything else to piss off the mods




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