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Easy Stuff:

Name: Ashlee Fitzpatrick-Dustin
Nicknames: Ashbo, Ashes, Jew, Pinky.
Gender: Female.
Birthdate: May 12, 1989.
Age: 17.
Status: Single.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Place where you live: My house? lol, Port Richey, Florida.
Where'd you find out about the community: y0un3v3rkn3wm3

Top Ten:

10+ favourite bands:
Brand New
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Marilyn Manson
Billy Joel

10+ favourite movies:
Forrest Gump
The Lion King
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Harold & Maude
Pride & Prejudice.
The Devil Wears Prada

10+ favourite tv shows:
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order: Criminial Intent
Mummies, Pyramids, and Tombs
How It's made
Sex & The City
The Sopranos
Lucky Louie

10+ favourite books:
Black Creek Crossing, By John Saul
Heaven and Earth, By Nora Roberts
Seduction in Death, By Nora Roberts
Dance Upon the Air, By Nora Roberts
Birthright, By Nora Roberts
Key of Light, By Nora Roberts
Key of Valor, By Nora Roberts
Key of Knowledge, By Nora Roberts
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, By Stephen Chbosky
TTYL, By Lauren Myracle.

10+ favourite celebrities/icons:
George Carlin
Natalie Portman
Emmy Rossum
Marilyn Manson
Conor Oberst
Wednesday 13
Adam Lazzara
Edsel Dope
Dane Cook
Jeff Dunham

What's your take on. . . :

Eating disorders:Eating disorders are a bigger problem than many people think. They impact so many more people than one would think. In my circle of friends alone, nearly every girl, and a few of the guys too, has some form of an eating disorder. Not only is there anorexia, bullemia, and the likes of them, there is over-eating too. Over-eating is the MAIN eating disorder in the United States. It is my honest opinion that not only should we learn about anorexia (etc..) in school, we should learn about over-eating also, and the consequences of it.

Prostitution/pornography: Why should it be our choice whether or not a human being, who has all their rights and whatnot, wants to sell their body? Instead of making prostitution illegal, why don't we set up places where it would be safe for them, so they're not getting killed and whatnot?

Religion: Personally, I don't believe in one specific god. I was baptized Catholic, because my grandmother wouldnt accept my mom not baptizing my brother and I in her faith. But I thank my mom, Because she made the choice of not forcing my brother and I to go to church, get communion, and everything else that entails. She let us make our own choice whether or not we wanted to go to church, or what religion we wanted to be. On the 14'th of this month, Myself and a friend will be converting into the religion of Wicca. I have studied many different religions, and tried to figure out which would work best for my own personal beliefs, and Wicca was the one of my choice. I believe in a persons right to choose their own relgion.

Abortion: I am 100% Pro-Choice. Your body is your temple, if you want to choose to not have a child, it's the woman's body, i believe she has the right to choose whether or not she has the child. I, personally, would never have one, but again, i've never been in the position to have to have one, so I wouldnt know what it's like.

Infidelity/cheating: I hate it. Hate it hate it hate it. My step-father cheated on my mom, and it absolutely killed her for the longest time. I hated seeing my mom like that, and I vowed to myself that if that ever happened to her again, I would kill.

Show & Tell:

Tell us a joke, a site, or a picuture which makes you laugh:Grouphug.us Some of the things people post on here are so hilariously sad that you know they're not true. It makes me laugh so much.
Tell us one piece of advice that has impacted your life most: "Don't let everything that's happened in your past get to you. It's the past for a reason, because things change, not always for the better, but things change."
Post a quiz result from either tickle.com, quizilla.com, blogthings.com, etc. that has helped you to learn more about yourself:Ashlee, you're a matchmaker with a Heart of Gold
I love setting people up, it's good to know i'm good at it ((=.

Getting Personal:
(may skip 2)

Name 3 of your best qualities:Im extremely loyal, trustworthy, and i'm an amazing friend.
Name 3 of your worst qualities: Im overbearing, Stubborn, and overprotective of what's mine.
What are a few of your life goals: I want to do something big with my life, I want to make an (good) impact on someone else's life, I want to be a mom, a great mom, and the grandmother everyone loves, I want to be the wife that all his friends wish they had.
Some things you've done in your past that you regret:I regret no thing i've done in my past, because without those mistakes, I would not be where I am today.
Some of your most guilty pleasures:Whenever I get uber sad, I dye my hair.
What does your username mean: Im a medical emergency. I have no clue, it just popped into my head one day.
Biggest Pet Peeves: Being hung up, being interrupted when I'm talking, when people lie to me.

Your pictures: (at least two, no more than seven)

Any graphics you have made:
I've made a lot, but most of them got lost when my computer crashed.
I recently made this one for my friends band;

pets, bfs/gfs, friends, or family:
My two best friends;


The most beautiful cat in the world;

My mexican;

Abstract photographs:

My friend Susan made this. Im obsessed with batman, She's obsessed with Chuck Norris.

Mr Pookles. ((= I love him.

My mom said my uncle looked like frankenberry, so I took his hat, put it on the box, and we figured out, he does. lol.
PROMOTE to at least three communities and/or people and post links:

You're finished! Congrats!
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